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Shame into regret

In Integral Perspectives, Psychotherapy by Dr. Keith Witt

The challenge of therapy (and development) is to turn shame which trashes our worth and moral fiber, into regret which has more of “I wish I knew then what I know now, so I could have behaved better and caused less damage.”

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Happy yes: Part 1

In Love, Sex, and Relationships by Dr. Keith Witt

One great principle of happy relationships is to say “Yes” as much as possible. Couples who do this are happier, healthier, and have better sex. “Yes, I’ll remember to wipe …
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Post-Issue Relationships

In Love, Sex, and Relationships, Psychotherapy by Dr. Keith Witt

Post-issue relationships are the goal of all psychotherapiesIn a post-issue relationship, each problem is an opportunity to grow and love. A post-issue relationship still has problems, resentments, doubts, and selfish …