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The Attuned Family (Paperback)


attuned_familyby: Keith Witt Ph.D. (Author)


Book Description

Are you happy with your love affair with your spouse? Are you confident with how effectively you parent your children? Attuned families have mothers and fathers who know how to consciously grow as lovers and parents. Attunement is our ability to feel into ourselves and others with caring intent. Even though we are all born hard-wired neurologically to attune, we often disconnect, distract, or avoid healthy attunement do to lack of knowledge or past hurts. We are always connecting with family members verbally and non-verbally, but are often not aware of how effectively we are relating, or what our responsibilities are as parents and lovers. Ideally, marriage and parenthood are journeys where we steadily become more accomplished at attuning to ourselves, our partners, and our children. We can always grow to be better lovers to our spouse and better parents to our children. The Attuned Family provides a roadmap for such growth for each life stage of a family.

More About The Attuned Family

Attunement is feeling into yourself and others with caring intent. Attuned families have parents who continually improve attuning to themselves, each other, and their children through all life cycles. Obstacles to attunement are defensive states, the incredible demands of modern life, lack of knowledge, and lack of resolve in loving ourselves, our spouses, and our children. In the last fifty years many disciplines from interpersonal neurobiology to developmental psychology to psychotherapy have generated, tested, and proven optimal processes that result in joyful living. All these process involve attunement, all are accessible to us in this post-modern era, and many are offered in this book.

The Attuned Family follows two families through various stages of individual and systemic development. Using therapy transcripts, exposition, stories, and life events, Dr. Witt elucidates and demonstrates principles and practices that support hot erotic polarity between spouses and increasing expertise in guiding children through the incredible changes, challenges, and demands of their progressive worldviews.

How do I best support the growth of my one-year-old, two-year-old, five-year-old, or fifteen-year-old? How do I help my spouse and myself transition from romantic infatuation to a continually expanding passionate eroticism? Why do I sometimes lose my rational judgment, and what can I do to minimize damage and maximize growth for my family when I’m less than my best self? All these questions and more are addressed in The Attuned Family.

  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (April 22, 2007)
  • Language: English

About the Author

Keith Witt has been a therapist and teacher for over thirty years. He and his wife Becky have two grown children and live and work in the house in the Santa Barbara foothills where they raised their family. Witt is also a martial artist, surfer, tap dancer, and rock musician. (More About Keith Witt)