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Thanksgiving and our ancestral voices

In Cultural Commentary by Dr. Keith Witt

It’s a running gag in America that holidays generate emotional conflicts like the Caribbean generates hurricanes. Red/blue political arguments, intoxicated relatives, old family wounds exposed, social obligations grudgingly met, and on and on.

Reducing Gun Violence: Part 1 [72]

In Cultural Commentary by Dr. Keith Witt

What has worked in America to reduce gun violence? If we look beyond bombast–“Longer prison terms for gun violence! Bring back the death penalty!”–and self-righteous moralizing–“More bans on buying/using/carrying guns!”–we …

Approval and Disapproval Influence Us All the Time [64]

In Cultural Commentary, Psychotherapy by Dr. Keith Witt

Whether we know it or not, our social existence is dominated by feeling accepted or unaccepted, OK with the world, or ashamed of some mistake, flaw, or failing. How we …