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Dr. Keith WittIntegral Perspectives

On this episode of The Shrink & The Pundit, Dr. Keith tells us that the only difference between a destructive shadow and a constructive shadow is our willingness to engage with it. Not a pleasant task in the best of circumstances, let alone when we’re in the defensive states that arise when our shadows are activated. We have to trust others to help us—our partners, friends, support groups, and of course, our therapists. It takes courage to be vulnerable and open enough to confront these lost parts of ourselves. And since the world is our mirror, it’s always going to happen in relationship. That is the difficulty, and it’s also what saves us.

WHAT DEPRESSION IS TRYING TO TELL US – An Integral Conversation with Jeff Salzman [AUDIO]

Dr. Keith WittIntegral Perspectives

On this episode of The Shrink & The Pundit, Jeff and Dr. Keith talk about one of the oldest and most dreaded of human afflictions, depression. They consider not just the suffering, but also the wisdom and growth potential that depression offers. They look at the qualities of modernity that magnify the condition, the mixed blessing of pharmaceuticals and neuroscience, and how depression is experienced and best treated at different stages in the developmental journey.

LOVING COMPLETELY: An Inside Look at the Five Stars of Healthy Relationships

Dr. Keith WittIntegral Perspectives, Spirituality & Personal Growth

Loving Completely is a groundbreaking, self-directed web course designed to help you and your partner improve your connection on every level: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Listen as Keith Witt and Ken Wilber take you on a guided tour through the Five Stars of Healthy Relationships, helping you to love more passionately, to relate more authentically, and to bring more care, compassion, and consciousness into your relationship.

No Really, Change DOES Begin with YOU – From Beyond Awakening with Terry Patten [AUDIO]

Dr. Keith WittIntegral Perspectives

On December 14, 2014 I had the honor and privilege of speaking with Terry Patten on Beyond Awakening. If you’re unfamiliar with his Community Blog and his site, please do check it out. Our discussion, entitled “We Are the Catastrophe, We Are the Salvation” is now available for audio streaming or download for members of this site. It’s 2 hours in length and covers a lot of ground!