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Loving Completely – Integrating Science, Heart, and Spirit – a conversation with Neil Sattin

In Love, Sex, and Relationships, Psychotherapy by Dr. Keith Witt

Do you ever feel like there’s a barrier between what you know about how to have a good relationship, and what you actually do? How do you take what we know about the science of relationships, combine it with the wisdom of our hearts and our quest for deeper meaning, and integrate it into something practical?

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Explain and listen, don’t make excuses.

In General, Love, Sex, and Relationships by Dr. Keith Witt

Who is your closest relationship right now? Do you get along well all the time? Do you fight occasionally? To those who can’t think of a conflict, come on! You must have fought or been irritated at least once! Remember your last fight or disagreement. As you and he or she struggled, were you listening, explaining, making excuses, or attacking? Probably you were doing several of these.

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The Three Foundations of Marriage

In Love, Sex, and Relationships by Dr. Keith Witt

Marriage is a garden: a couple’s friendship, love affair, and repair of injuries nurtures the marital garden

Have you ever had a garden? You love it, tend it, water it, and shape it like the work of art it is. When you do, your garden becomes beautiful and fruitful, delivering whatever you desire—beauty, pleasure, rest, nourishment, purpose—a complex living system to love and cherish. People invest more time and money in gardening than any other hobby in America.

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Integral psychotherapy is redefining psycho/spiritual/physical healing in the 21st century

In Love, Sex, and Relationships, Psychotherapy, Spirituality & Personal Growth by Dr. Keith Witt

Integral theory is a meta-theory that creates a scaffolding within which all other theories are organized. Integral psychotherapy is any therapy that takes into account a global understanding of the Kosmos. Objective/subjective, individual/collective, states of consciousness, lines of development, stages of development, spiritual/temporal, and types of individuals are core dimensions of Integral understanding. Any healing approach that practically utilizes these perspectives as cross-validating, mutually influencing forces is by definition Integral psychotherapy.