Integral Mindfulness: Clueless to Dialed in [EBook]




Dialed-in is Integral mindful awareness. Mindful awareness is being aware with acceptance and caring intent, on purpose, with compassionate judgment, in the present moment. Integral mindful awareness is mindful awareness guided by the elegant, priceless perspectives of Integral understanding, which can help us know who we are, what’s really happening around us, and what our purpose is right now. Dialed-in makes everything better:
  • We’re healthier, more joyful, less irritating and way less crazy.
  • Relationships are more fun and less pain.
  • Children thrive.
  • Sex keeps getting yummier.
  • Spirituality intensifies.
About the Author Keith Witt has been a therapist and teacher for over thirty years. He and his wife Becky have two grown children and live and work in the house in the Santa Barbara foothills where they raised their family. Witt is also a martial artist, surfer, tap dancer, and rock musician. (More About Keith Witt)