100 Reasons to

Not have a secret affair

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My Mission… My Passion… is to help you love better!

100 Reasons to Not Have a Secret Affair is a class for everyone. This class is for you if you've been in a relationship, if you've cheated, if you'd been cheated on, or if you've known people who've cheated. This class is especially for you if you've ever wondered, "Why are we programmed to both pair bond and cheat, and what can we do about it?"


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What's inside
Module 1: What drive us to secret affairs?

In this module, we're going to talk about what a secret affair is, and begin to answer the question: "What instincts drive us to have secret affairs, and what to do about these instincts that everyone shares to some extent?"

Module 2: Culture, morality, and sexual motivation systems
In this module I'm going to talk about sexual motivation systems, how we are encultured sexually, how we're motivated by our unconscious to relate, defend, and be sexual, and how all this material is intertwined into our emergent moral systems. We'll explore our desires and our shames around sex and how they can generate both secret affairs and enhanced intimate bonding with our partner.

Module 3: What to do if you find yourself or your partner in a secret affair
In this module, we're going to talk about what to do if you find yourself in a secret affair, or if you discover your partner in a secret affair.

Module 4: The first therapy sessions
This module is about the initial stage of therapy after you've been caught having an affair or you've caught your partner having an affair. The initial mind blowing explosion has left both partners confused and overwhelmed. By the time they enter their first therapy session, couples have processed, fought, despaired, and struggled unsuccessfully to make sense of the disaster.

Module 5: Supporting the healing process
This module is about the middle and end stages of therapy. You've worked through the initial explosion.

Module 6: Live long, love, and prosper
In this final module, I'm going to recapitulate some of what we've talked about before and talk about going forward as a couple.

This class will open your eyes, blow your mind. This is information that all of us should have from a very young age over our lifetime, and we don't have it.

And so take this class, listen to the materials, practice the exercises, talk to your friends and lovers about it.

Do your best, not have a secret affair, but if you're having a secret affair or your partner has one, do the practices that I suggest in this course to get through it and get to the other side to love and growth and transformation. You'll be glad you did.