100 Reasons to Not Have a Secret Affair

This class will open your eyes, blow your mind. 

100 Reasons to Not Have a Secret Affair is a class for everyone. This class is for you if you’ve been in a relationship, if you’ve cheated, if you’d been cheated on, or if you’ve known people who’ve cheated. This class is especially for you if you’ve ever wondered, “Why are we programmed to both pair bond and cheat, and what can we do about it?”

This class will open your eyes and blow your mind! This is information we all should be learning from a very young age and through adulthood.

And so take this class, listen to the materials, practice the exercises, talk to your friends and lovers about it.

Do your best to not have a secret affair! But, if you or your partner has one, the practices and insights you’ll get from this course can help you get through the nightmare to love, growth, and transformation.


100 Reasons to NOT Have a Secret Affair

And What To Do If One Shows Up In Your Life

We’re hard-wired genetically to pair bond and to cheat. The miracle of human relationships is that only 25% to 40% of men and 15% to 25% of women are sexually unfaithful at some time in their lives. 100 Reasons explores why we cheat, how we cheat, how to avoid affair disasters, and how to heal when they happen.