The Marital Love Affair Course

Renew & Maintain A Vital And Passionate Marriage

A 3-Part Class hosted by “Doctor of Sexology” Dr. Keesha Ewers & Dr. Keith Witt

Dr. Keesha and Dr. Keith will guide you into deeper understanding of your hormones, desires, problems, and possibilities of your marital love affair. This is especially useful for older couples whose marital friendship and love affair have progressed through different life stages.

We know that happiness and marital satisfaction are heavily intertwined–each predicts and influences the other. Fulfilling marriages need both partners to continually maintain the marital friendship, marital love affair, and both partners’ ongoing abilities to notice and efficiently repair injuries and ruptures that inevitably occur in intimacy.

In a series of three, 90-minute online classes, Dr. Keesha Ewers and Dr. Keith Witt will share with you the practical steps that you can take in your own life to renew the Passion, Romance, and Ardor in your marriage.