The School of Love Lecture Series

A Practical Guide to Love in All Its Forms

The School of Love Lecture Series explores what neuroscience, social science, wisdom traditions, and my forty years of study and clinical work have revealed about love. Each lecture takes one area and offers useful knowledge and practical techniques for loving well.

Cumulatively, these elegant dynamic forms are the cutting edge of the evolution of consciousness – together comprising a unified field theory of love.

  • Discover perspectives and learn techniques to improve your relationships.
  • Feel better about yourself and your life.
  • Enjoy new insights about yourself and others.
  • Hear fun stories and cool research findings that help you love better.

How well we love determines how happy, healthy, and successful we are. When we feel fulfilled in loving ourselves and the world, life has a harmony – a rightness – that most of us crave and value.

Every life is an epic with countless subtexts and subplots, heroes and villains, beliefs and biases. Life stories are filled with critical junctures where we can decide to love better or worse. The School of Love lectures examine different sets of stories, principles, practices, and research – all weaving together into larger fields that guide us all.