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Your best self — your wisest and most compassionate self — exists right now in you

In Integral Perspectives, Love, Sex, and Relationships by Dr. Keith Witt

You may be embodying your wisest self as you read this. Your wisest self is a fundamental part of you that wants to choose goodness, love, courage, and commitment to people and goals. Our wisest self is our best interior guide to the universe of relationships.


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Thanksgiving and our ancestral voices

In Cultural Commentary by Dr. Keith Witt

It’s a running gag in America that holidays generate emotional conflicts like the Caribbean generates hurricanes. Red/blue political arguments, intoxicated relatives, old family wounds exposed, social obligations grudgingly met, and on and on.

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Loving Completely – Integrating Science, Heart, and Spirit – a conversation with Neil Sattin

In Love, Sex, and Relationships, Psychotherapy by Dr. Keith Witt1 Comment

Do you ever feel like there’s a barrier between what you know about how to have a good relationship, and what you actually do? How do you take what we know about the science of relationships, combine it with the wisdom of our hearts and our quest for deeper meaning, and integrate it into something practical?