You are the Hero in your Epic Journey – Therapist in the Wild [VIDEO]

In Therapist in the Wild by Dr. Keith Witt

When you were conceived a universe came into being. At the center of that universe was a hero and that’s you. You were called into life with the care of your mother, and as you grew, life’s journeys transformed you, over and over again. It happens to everyone. You are called based on life experiences. Some of these life experiences are great and beautiful, while others are sad and difficult, but through these various experiences you are called to action, called to learn and grow from these experiences. Embrace your inner-hero. —- Dr. Keith Witt, AKA The Therapist in the Wild, is a licensed clinical psychologist, lecturer and author dedicated to studying, teaching, and creating transformative healing systems. He’s been practicing psychotherapy in Santa Barbara, California for over 37 years. Subscribe to my channel and check out my website!