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Shadow Light is about growing our unconscious Shadow selves.

Shadow is the sum total of our learning, drives, habits, values, preferences, and needs flooding constantly up from our non-conscious selves to our conscious selves.

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Therapist in the Wild

The TIW tells truths, spreads love, and takes fearless stands on the great issues of the day–sex, relationships, sex, pleasure, bullshit, sex, hypocrisy, and sex.

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Integral Conversations

Find a series of articles and recorded audio conversations that explore Integral Consciousness. Featuring Jeff Salzman of The Daily Evolver fame.

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Ask Dr. Keith

Questions on sex, love, relationships, Integral Psychotherapy, or whatever you’d like to discuss are welcome. Dr. Keith will answer some questions on the blog.

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Dr. Keith Witt is the author of several books. 5 of them are available here in eBook form. You should check them out and read on your Desktop, Kindle, Tablet, or Smartphone.

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