Would You Share? – Integral Conversation with Jason Lange [VIDEO]

In General by Dr. Keith Witt

From http://www.wouldyoushare.com:
SHARE is a short narrative film following JOHN and ABBY, a young couple wrestling with the decision whether or not to take their relationship to a deeper level by using a technology known as “sharing”. The tech not only allows for people to record everything about their experience – all their thoughts, emotions, memories, and desires – but to also share that digital memory with another person in perfect fidelity so they can see that other person’s entire life in a digital instant.
In this 20-minute video call, Jason Lange and Dr. Keith Witt discuss the concepts explored in this upcoming short film, and the possible impact and opportunities for us in our interpersonal relationships. Dr. Keith is an advocate for much of what gets us closer to the ultimate state of being able to read each other’s minds.  You may agree or disagree with this assertion, and we’d like to hear from you in the comments section. Learn more about the short film project, SHARE here.