Christmas and Our Collective Spirit: It Really Matters. [41]

By Dr. Keith Witt
December 25, 2011
aa005048 I love the holidays. I know people get stressed, and excess prevails around food and presents and stuff, but still, the holiday spirit of love is beautiful. The radio rings out with “peace and good will to man,” people on the street are more likely to smile, and generous caring blossoms in good works and children’s delight. I believe this Christmas spirit actually contributes to energetic fields we all share. Some of the most persuasive evidence I’ve seen for this comes from Dean Radin’s psychic research. Men thinking loving thoughts about their wives soothed their wives’ autonomic nervous systems at a distance, and Chi Gong Masters affected students’ bodies in different floors of a building. An experimenter’s positive or hostile intent (sometimes in another room) influenced how algae grew. Group meditation reduced ER visits and violent crimes in cities if enough people were meditating at the same time. Radin’s explanation? We exist in energetic fields influenced by our being and intent. For much more on this, check out Radin’s Entangled Minds, or Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment. Apparently, human consciousness generates collective fields which can influence families, groups, nations, and all of humanity. What this means to me is that your and my intent matters. If we are positive and loving towards humanity, that’s a tiny contribution to the collective energy fields we all share. If so, why not extend “peace, love, and good will to man,” as much as possible? It’s often easier during the holiday season, harder the rest of the year, but it helps me to remember that how I feel and what I think and intend matters to you and everyone. What you feel, think and intend matters to the rest of us. So, in that spirit, my best to you and everyone, and let’s keep loving each other the whole year round.    

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