Development Never Stops – Why Our Brains Can't Stop Learning

By Dr. Keith Witt
June 18, 2013

Brain_Puzzle We never stop growing and developing.

Brains can’t stop learning because they’re constantly being conditioned by the world, inner experience, principles and intent. Even more, since we are compulsively social, we relate with each other–each day influencing and being influenced by every human contact.

All this development is not random — it has direction.

One of my yummiest and most mind blowing discoveries has been that development naturally moves towards more love, connection, and felt oneness with the universe. All the work I’ve done in my life–and everything on this site–reflects my mission to support your growth and development. What makes this challenging is that progress takes different forms at different stages. A few examples:
  • A one-year-old wants to walk. This is his developmental passion.
  • A two-year-old wants to talk. Words and concepts have a luminance, especially because they can be shared. Of course he still seeks to walk and run.
  • A fifteen-year-old wants to develop her unique gifts and identity, to become the adult she envisions on the horizon of dizzying adolescence. She still wants expanding physical competence and satisfying communication.
  • A newly-wed wants to have a fun honeymoon and a joyful marriage.
  • A thirty-two-year-old father wants to provide the best emotional and physical environment he can for his family. He still desires physical competence, satisfying communication, a great marriage, and a worthwhile adult identity.
  • A sixty-three-year old teacher/seeker/therapist (me, for instance), wants freedom from limiting thoughts and behaviors, and to serve from the highest levels of human potential. He keeps reaching to be guided by increasing unity with all that is arising, has arisen, and will arise, while daily being influenced by drives and needs that go back to before birth.
Life is motion and change–we can’t stop the river. We have to somehow navigate that river. Our conscious intent and courageous action in support of health accelerates development. Spacing out, indulging bad habits, and turning away from love slows us down. Right now reading this sentence, you are choosing expanding love and unity. Thank you! Keep choosing love! Keep deciding to turn towards deeper wisdom and sweeter intimacy!

Because development never stops.

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