The 3 Evolutionary Drivers in Relationship – Jayson Gaddis Podcast SC 12

In General by Dr. Keith Witt


Jayson Gaddis and I recently had an extended conversation about marriage, evolution, and the responsibilities of intimacy on his Smart Couple podcast. I had a lot of fun exploring these and other topics with Jayson, and I think you might enjoy the conversation too! If you're into podcasts, or more importantly, if you're into really good podcasts, then I strongly recommend you subscribe to Jayson's!


  • Everything is relationships [2:33]
  • Rediscovering monogamy [4:20]
  • How to “make it” in long term relationship [5:05]
  • Getting aligned in your growth [6:15]
  • Causes and cures of depression [8:40]
  • Different kinds of shadow [9:55]
  • The two characteristics of humans in relationships [12:43]
  • Understanding our kids’ motivations [16:45]
  • The Three Evolutionary ‘drivers’ in relationship (and pitfalls) [18;09]
  • Integral Mindfulness in relationships. [22:54]
  • Relationships and Kids – and tackling the challenges of it [26:13]
  • The transition to middle age [28:37]
  • What Keith Witt does in his relationships – “Romantic Fridays” [30:24]
  • The ‘evolution’ of our empathy [36:30]
  • The necessity of shame [39:30]
  • Secure attachment explained [47:15]
  • Developing mindfulness – learn to self observe [53:37]
  • Final Advice from Keith Witt [01:01:30]

MP3 - Download Excerpted from Jayson Addis' Smart Couples Podcast site.

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