Year-round Holiday Spirit? Yes, Please.

In General by Dr. Keith Witt


I always love the worldcentric vibes of the holidays. Peace and love for all, New Year's Eve around the world, and the brotherhood of man are staples of the season, and seem to be more easily shared this month than the rest of the year.

One reason for this is social contagion. Feelings, thoughts, and behaviors move through social groups like viruses, influencing the collective moral vibe one way or the other.

During the holiday season, there seem to be more worldcentric messages of love for all from multiple sources, and more general disapproval for Grinch-like cynicism and ethnocentricism.

I want to put in my vote for a year-round holiday spirit! Humans do better approving and supporting each other, and worldcentric calls to approve of and support everyone could make all of us do better.

Something to consider in the coming year...


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