The Importance of Eye Contact – Therapist in the Wild [VIDEO]

In Love, Sex, and Relationships, Therapist in the Wild by Dr. Keith Witt

In this episode of Therapist in the Wild, Dr. Witt speaks to us about the power of eye contact. Eyes are the window to the soul and are incredible conveyors of emotion. If you make eye contact with a loved one, you’re likely to pickup on a whole lot. If they’re happy you’ll feel happy. If they’re sad it will make you feel sad. The same goes for when you argue with a lover, eye contact becomes difficult because you don’t want to see their pain. Even random moments of eye contact with a stranger result in a powerful transmission of human feeling. With eye contact and attitude you have the power to affect both your personal life and the lives of strangers. Use your power wisely. How would you like to see YOUR question answered in an upcoming episode of Therapist in the Wild?  Ask your question HERE.