Healthy Narcissism vs Unhealthy Narcissism – Therapist in the Wild [VIDEO]

In Therapist in the Wild by Dr. Keith Witt

This week’s TIW and blog deal with narcissism–a big topic that we’re all familiar with to some extent. By many measures, pathological narcissism–feeling special and entitled while diminishing and objectifying others–is on the rise in America. I suspect this trend will swing towards more caring in the near future, but maybe I’m just being an optimistic guy. For the blog, I decided to bring back a piece I wrote in 2011 on Charlie Sheen–poster child for pathological narcissism. Haven’t heard much craziness from Charlie in the last 18 months, so maybe he got some of the help he obviously needed. Either way, I think the blog is still relevant today. Hope you enjoy the material, and, remember, healthy narcissism–feeling good about who you are while caring for others–is something we all need to enjoy and practice every day. How would you like to see YOUR question answered in an upcoming episode of Therapist in the Wild?  Ask your question HERE.