LOVING COMPLETELY: An Inside Look at the Five Stars of Healthy Relationships

By Dr. Keith Witt
February 25, 2015
Hi Everybody, Integral Life has published a 82 minute interview with me and Ken Wilber talking about the Loving Completely course. The article is called “LOVING COMPLETELY: AN INSIDE LOOK AT THE FIVE STARS OF HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS” and as you might imagine, the audio interview covers quite a bit of ground! ken_Keith For those of you who don’t know, Ken Wilber is the founder of Integral Institute and the co-founder of Integral Life. He is an internationally acknowledged leader and the preeminent scholar of the Integral stage of human development. Loving Completely is a groundbreaking, self-directed web course designed to help you and your partner improve your connection on every level: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Listen as Keith Witt and Ken Wilber take you on a guided tour through the Five Stars of Healthy Relationships, helping you to love more passionately, to relate more authentically, and to bring more care, compassion, and consciousness into your relationship. Relationships are the stuff of life. As such, courses like these are very popular in the web course marketplace. You can barely throw a dart in the direction of a search engine without hitting an online relationship course. So what makes this one so special? I invite you to head over to to Integral Life to read more about the course, and also to find out how your Relationships could benefit from this work. You can also PREVIEW THE COURSE over on Integral Life and see how the rest of the webcourse is laid out. Click here to preview the first module. Meanwhile, here’s the audio interview, broken into 2 files for easy digestion and downloading. Also, feel free to download the files for your iPhone/iPad/Walkman, etc. etc. Cheers! ~ Dr. Keith
MP3 – Download Part 1 MP3 – Download Part 2

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