Healthy Flirting and the art of the Enjoyable Attraction – Therapist in the Wild [VIDEO]

In Therapist in the Wild by Dr. Keith Witt

Dr. Keith Witt is here to talk about flirting and enjoyable attractions.  We’re all sexual beings.  Everyone of us.  We have sexuality oozing out of our pores.  That’s just who we are.  Now we can either hide it and try to repress it, or we can channel it in a healthy way, enjoy it, and even celebrate it. It’s easy to take the enjoyable attraction too far, and when the “Enjoyable Attraction” turns into a “Distracting Attraction,” that’s when there’s trouble.  Learn how to avoid the slippery slope that leads to affairs, and also how to come clean to your spouse when you feel yourself slip into a “Distracting Attraction.” Read more about Healthy Flirting and the art of the Enjoyable Attraction  in an expanded article from Dr. Keith.