Checking in with Your Partner: Happy or Unhappy – Therapist in the Wild [Video]

In Love, Sex, and Relationships by Dr. Keith Witt

Checking in with each other is a form of social grooming that we tend to do a lot.  Couples checking in with each other is a lot like monkeys grooming.  Some species of monkeys spend up to 70% of their days grooming each other! Happy “checking-in” couples trust and feel secure with each other. There are unhappy “checking-in” couples as well, though, and while the words and mechanisms are similar, the energy is very, very different. Watch the video to find out more about the differences between healthy checking-in and unhealthy checking-in.  Also, CLICK HERE to read the related article, Checking In For Better Or Worse – Attunement and Trust. More priceless advice from Dr. Keith Witt, the Therapist in the Wild.