Let him inspire you to be a better woman [69]

By Dr. Keith Witt
November 25, 2012
iStock_000007837572XSmallMen can be scary and infuriating. On the other hand, masculine depth of consciousness can deliver an effortless dance of romance and bliss. In each man’s desires and complaints, there is yearning to be loved and pleasured in special ways. If you can offer that love and pleasure from your heart, you become a better woman—an embodiment of the courtesan. Your caresses nourish him. Your kisses give him strength. Your laughter lightens his world. As Regena Thomashauer teaches in her School of the Womanly Arts, embodying the power of pleasure is the courtesan’s gift. This inspires a man to serve you, but you have other influences–for instance, your pain can challenge him to be more kind and present. When a guy complains or bitches about something, or when he seems clueless about how to love you, feminine love and current emotion can make him want to reach to be a better man. Current emotion is the ongoing flow of “yums” and “yucks” (see Blog #25) expressed without residue from the past or distressed anticipation of the future–your feminine spirit flowing from your heart unobstructed. Such surrender to the Goddess in the present moment makes you a better woman. Men can bully, neglect, and act thoughtlessly–not our most attractive selves. Seeing a woman’s distress at his collapse can snap a man back to presence. Men can also be wise and delightful. When your man is being his best self, allow the light and pleasure from your heart to drench him in love. Devotional love rejuvenates the masculine—especially offered to his best self. Let his best and worst sides inspire you to be a better woman who inspires him to be a better man.

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