Ought We Be Ashamed? An Integral Conversation with Jeff Salzman [AUDIO]

In General by Dr. Keith Witt

I recently connected with My Integral Brother Jeff Salzman, who runs the DailyEvolver. For this podcast Jeff and I approached shame, a force that if left un-checked can be destructive, but if channeled appropriately can be a constructive force.
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Because shame is so powerful and central to our psyches, it is a great leverage point for metabolizing our dysfunctions. Shame is a social emotion and first comes on line in small children as a response to the inevitable disapproval from authority figures. It is the prime engine behind the development of the defensive states and patterns that create amplified or numbed emotions, distorted perspectives, destructive impulses, reduced empathy and inability to self-reflect.
Excerpted from DailyEvolver.com.  Read the rest HERE.