The Hero's Journey, Our Journey

In General by Dr. Keith Witt

We humans are storytellers. We constantly generate stories about ourselves and the world, stories which arise from habits, internal experiences and life events. Even as we sleep our body and spirit generate dream stories that solve problems, fulfill desires and reveal fears. Throughout human history common story themes and figures have emerged from all cultures. The Hero’s and Heroine’s journey, the Transformation into Manhood, the Initiation into Womanhood, and the Transcendence of Self into Unity are universal themes shared by all human cultures. The Warrior, the Man of Wisdom, the Wise Woman, the Divine Mother or Father, the Sex Goddess, the Eternal Youth, the Dark Lord, and many more, are universal figures we can recognize and identify with. Each of us is born into a unique universe with “me” at the center. That’s the “me” you have always been and always will be. Our universe unfolds as a result of our choices and life circumstances. That unfolding is the story of our journey through life. We are the mythic Hero in that story, and the desires, choices, and experiences on that journey have mythic importance to us. What are your favorite movie or literary characters? Who are the villains you hate? What fantasy of becoming lights you up? Do you yearn for power, wealth, intimacy, happiness, sexual fulfillment, joyful service to others? What are your dark desires? Where are you prone to self-destructive choices? All these questions point you towards your version of the Hero’s Journey, and can guide you past hazards, towards transformation and unity. You might want to write down answers to these questions, and then look for stories, movies, myths, or characters that reflect your answers. The strengths of these characters are your gifts. The weaknesses of these characters are the hazards that threaten your life. As you realize these resonances, you’re likely to feel yourself part of a divine plan which encompasses all the stories, all the myths, and all the Hero’s Journeys. Click to watch the Therapist in the Wild companion video to this post, entitled You Are a Superhero.