Handling Telemarketers – Therapist in the Wild [VIDEO]

In Therapist in the Wild by Dr. Keith Witt

In this episode of Therapist in the Wild, Dr. Witt approaches the dreaded subject of telemarketers. Most people can relate to a time when a telemarketer called and all you wanted to do was yell and scream. There’s never an optimal time for these kinds of calls, but when it happens, it always feels like the worst time possible. Sure, it might feel good to blow off some steam in the short term, but are you being a compassionate, level headed, and understanding person by blasting an anonymous telemarketer? That’s why Dr. Witt would like to reminds us to use these unfortunate moments as a spiritual practice, to be more like God, to resist the temptation and to ultimately make yourself stronger through restraint and good will. By handling yourself in moments of great temptation, you grow and become better off, saving yourself and the telemarketer from those nasty feelings. It’s a win-win! How would you like to see YOUR question answered in an upcoming episode of Therapist in the Wild?  Ask your question HERE.