Mature Sex – What happens to us in our 60s and beyond? – Therapist in the Wild [VIDEO]

By Dr. Keith Witt
July 22, 2013
One of our Therapist in the Wild viewers has submitted their question via the Ask Dr. Keith page, and they asked for Dr. Keith to discuss sex for older people. Here’s something to think about: there are a lot of older people living today and they’re having a lot of sex!  We now have a lot of healthy boomers, unencumbered by the rigid thinking of the past, among other reasons. The capacity to be in love is not different at 60 years old than it is at 16 years old, and when older people have a sex life that works for them, the result is an experience of happiness far greater than people of the same age who do not have a healthy sex life. There is a pitfall, however, and it’s this; those who don’t use it, lose it.  The capacity for cultivating a healthy sexual appetite and performance degrades over time, IF it is not kept in regular practice. Watch the video for more priceless advice from the Therapist in the Wild, and submit YOUR question for Dr. Keith here: … If you’d like to learn more about what Dr. Keith Witt has to say about Mature Sex, for those of us who aren’t kids anymore click through to the full article about it HERE. How would you like to see YOUR question answered in an upcoming episode of Therapist in the Wild? Ask your question HERE.  

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