Mirroring the Integral Awakening

By Dr. Keith Witt
June 8, 2024

I believe one of the best gifts that Integrally informed people can offer the collective is to see and feel the Integral awakening and mirror it back to all cultures with personal faith in the evolution of consciousness.

Giving our attention to the most beautiful, good, and true helps grow all of us.

Perhaps the most troublesome block to solving all the world’s problems is people not seeing the Integral awakening. The signs are everywhere if you know where to look—innovations, NGOs, reduced violence, acts of generosity and kindness, increasing education, equal rights, and shared awe at human love, personal transformation, nature, and the cosmos. Being exemplars of that awakening creates attractor states that can spark a positive mass formation—an ideology of love and unity that can become increasingly visible to more and more people.

I think all evolutionaries should be exemplars of awakening, creating attractor states of love and unity.

The ugly, bad, and false also exist

The destructive aspects of all worldviews are scary and repulsive, but also need loving attention. Compassionate understanding, love, and faith in the Integral awakening are potent tools to engage destructive Shadow in all forms.

The early Christians had so much faith in universal love that they allowed themselves to be killed in the Roman Coliseum. Eventually, the Christian message dominated, and Rome became the Holy Roman Empire.

Jeff and I have faith in the Integral awakening

Jeff and I are like St. Theresa of Avila and John of the Cross (Jeff is John). They would visit each other and bliss out on the Holy Spirit. Jeff and I get together and bliss out on the Integral awakening and the evolution of consciousness.

Conference discourse

I had wonderful conversations at the conference, and they were fun because they all seemed to have:

  • Authenticity.
  • Integrity.
  • Open heartedness.

Intersubjectivity with authenticity, integrity, and open heartedness is teal dialogue and teal dialectic. Seeing this so much at the conference made me more certain of the turquoise psychology I presented in my workshop. See last month’s Shrink and Pundit for more details about a Turquoise meta-psychology being a form of discourse.


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