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Invisible Audiences

In General by Dr. Keith Witt

We feel observed all the time. We feel observed by our conscious selves and our inner critics. We feel observed by others–by our real and imagined tribes, by the people we pass on the street—because we are tribal beings, evolved to need each other.

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WHAT DEPRESSION IS TRYING TO TELL US – An Integral Conversation with Jeff Salzman [AUDIO]

In The Shrink and the Pundit by Dr. Keith Witt

On this episode of The Shrink & The Pundit, Jeff and Dr. Keith talk about one of the oldest and most dreaded of human afflictions, depression. They consider not just the suffering, but also the wisdom and growth potential that depression offers. They look at the qualities of modernity that magnify the condition, the mixed blessing of pharmaceuticals and neuroscience, and how depression is experienced and best treated at different stages in the developmental journey.