Depression is the great deceiver

Dr. Keith WittGeneral, Psychotherapy

There is four times the rate of depression now than in 1987. We’ve essentially been doubling the amount of depression in this country for each of the last three generations.

Even considering an increased tendency to diagnose depression now than in previous years, this emerging 21st century culture is clearly not particularly conducive to happy care-free lives.

Explain and listen, don’t make excuses.

Dr. Keith WittGeneral, Love, Sex, and Relationships

Who is your closest relationship right now? Do you get along well all the time? Do you fight occasionally? To those who can’t think of a conflict, come on! You must have fought or been irritated at least once! Remember your last fight or disagreement. As you and he or she struggled, were you listening, explaining, making excuses, or attacking? Probably you were doing several of these.

Deeper Consciousness Means More Responsibility

Dr. Keith WittGeneral, Psychotherapy

In my book, Waking Up, I maintain that Integral psychotherapists cultivate compassion and depth of consciousness to co-create healing cultures with their clients. Depth of consciousness means understanding people within the many contexts of their lives, including the altitudes they typically inhabit on a variety of developmental lines like the self, interpersonal, parenting, morals, psychosexual, and integration-of-defenses lines. With deeper consciousness in my clients and myself comes felt responsibilities to help all those contexts, but with varying degrees of urgency.

Mid-life Crises: Disaster or Turning Point?

Dr. Keith WittGeneral, Psychotherapy

The concept of a midlife crisis first appeared in a 1965 article by Elliot Jaques, entitled Death and the Midlife Crisis. He, like the psychoanalytic community, felt that approaching death was more fully realized by adults, potentially provoking depression, panic, and strong impulses to flee, change, or recapture a vision of youth and hope.

CEO Empowerment — Find YOUR Superpowers

Dr. Keith WittGeneral

We talked about CEOs, the special challenges they face, and the potential for growth and service inherent in being the top boss. The interface between business and personal existence is a bigger deal than most people realize.

Inclusive boundaries – Exclusive boundaries

Dr. Keith WittGeneral

Inclusive boundaries — behaviors, attitudes, adjustments, principles, or understandings that I need to be in joyful relationship with you. Honesty, willingness to listen, compassion for my relatives all might be … Read More

Overloading In The Culture Of Urgency

Dr. Keith WittGeneral

Here’s a great article by ELISHA GOLDSTEIN, PH.D. Do you live in a culture of false urgency?  You think not?  No?  Everything is just fine?  Well what about those push notifications … Read More